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  • Direction and Support

    "Love what MentorConnect is becoming, this is the kind of support and direction I have been looking for, I was working a dead end job not sure where I wanted to take things next, I spoke with a mentor at eTasked who not only help me find my next field but gave me the confidence and information to do so."

    -Hayden M.

    Web Developer/Mentee

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    "Wow! My mentor's advice has already been worth the $75 many times since over. :) I am just so happy I found this, this has truly made the leap from my former profession (Stock trading) to starting my own Amazon FBA, this has literally saved me months upon months of trouble and errors."

    -Joshua R.

    Stock Trader/Mentee

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    We offer a straight flat fee of $75/MO. After we have matched you with your mentor, you will have access to our community. Your highly vetted mentor and a personal success advisor will be people who always have your back.

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