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About MentorConnect

A simplistic and innovative platform/service, that connects people with their perfect ideal mentor.
A simple flat fee is $75/MO no contracts, no lock-ins. 
How do you find your mentors?
We have a vast network of partnerships and connections that allow us to bring in incredible people with knowledge and things to share. 
How do I know my mentor and I will click?
A great question, that is actually rooted in our foundation. We believe a mentor-mentee relationship is so much deeper than an industry its about people. We have questionnaires phone interviews and so much more to help us create the best possible relationships. (Pepperdine Ph.D. approved) 
What if I don't like my mentor, or they aren't what I was looking for?
We have hundreds of mentors if you aren't happy with it reach out to us and we will pair you with a new mentor. No problem! 

Setting Up An Account

Go to the home page and set up your free welcome call or fill an online application and we will email with your ideal mentors and the next steps for onboarding. 
What details do I need to get started?
A shirt on your back, really nothing! We have simple 10 question process. A lot of our mentees come to us not even knowing where they want to go, we help with that too!

Managing Your Account

How often can I talk to my mentor?
Every day, every week, every month. The choice is completely up to you and your mentor. Some of our mentors are CEO's of fortune500 companies and others are retired, it comes down to both of your schedules. 
How do I keep contacted with my mentor?
We have options to share contact information, as well as our platform private messaging. (Created to create protection for all parties involved)